Our History

COHO began to form after the Hispanic Needs Assessment in 1987.  The initial formation was led by key Hispanic-serving organizations to prioritize community needs.  Over the years it has evolved into more of a network of organizations focused on education and advocacy, and eventually there was the development of four committees: Civil Rights, Education, Health, and Housing and Economic Development.

Some of COHO’s historic flagship events are: Civil Rights Summits (10 years) and Latino Youth Health Career Fairs (4 years)

COHO’s Impact on some issues and policies has been:  the DREAM Act, immigration reform, education policy for KCMO School District, and community policing initiatives.

There were many attempts over the years to restructure the organization (501c4 – 501c3).  And after years of joking about COHO’s name, the organization rebranded and changed the name to the Latino Coalition of Kansas City (LCKC) in September of 2012.